Safe, High Quality Healing with Oxandrolone and Primobolan

Oxandrolone Combined courses

As for taking Oxandrolone in combination with other AAS, high androgenic steroids are recommended to minimize negative reactions and increase results. For example Primobolan, various testosterones or Sustanon. The dosage of Anavar in combination should not exceed 40 milligrams. The combination is not desirable for girls.

Oxandrolone and Primobolan: A Course for Relief

It’s worth starting with the fact that the price of this course matches the quality. Anabolic steroids like Oxandrolone and Primobolan are safe substances that have a great effect. If this is your first time encountering this combination, the good news for you is that it’s for a quality muscle group with minimal side effects. In addition, substances affect the improvement of muscle relief. It has a slight fat burning effect, but it is negligible, barely noticeable. But the strength indicators will increase significantly during the course.

Oxandrolone is one of the safest AAS on the market. This steroid is not used often due to the high cost to athletes, although those who have used it speak very positively about the drug’s effects. Of course, the substance is not used to build large amounts of muscle mass, but to improve the quality of muscles. This means that before you start taking it, you must have a muscular skeleton, which oxandrolone gives you shape, appearance and strength. Additionally, an increase in endurance has a positive effect on the speed of training, as well as the recovery time that follows.

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Primobolan is an injectable steroid that is available in pill form. But the injection is much more effective and cheaper because the pills are much more expensive. The drug is used to increase muscle mass. It is not in this course that they give strong growth to high quality muscles. It is also good not to retain liquid so that there is no recoil phenomenon.

This combination is ideal for all beginners because the effects of the drugs are strong (both drugs are mild AAS) and the likelihood of a negative reaction is almost nil.

Of course, for maximum effect, you need to remember your diet. In addition, it is advisable to take advantage of sports nutrition. If you do strength training, you can gain up to 5kg of pure muscle for the course. There is no fluid retention, so the recoil phenomenon does not threaten you.

If you want to dry out, you need to adjust your diet to carbohydrates. You should also do dry training, in which case losing a few pounds will not be the least difficult.

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Rules for using Primobolan and Oxandrolone

Both drugs are taken for five weeks. All servings are made for hobbyists so your body doesn’t get stressed. This is very important for those who are now exploring the world of AAS.

The first week will be an introduction: you must take two Oxandrolone tablets a day. In the second week, take three tablets a day, then – 4. Reception should be divided several times during the week. If you’re training today, you should take your full dose an hour before class.

As for Primobolan, you need to take it at least twice a week. This regimen is suitable for beginning athletes as professionals inject it more frequently and in larger doses. We recommend taking 1 milliliter on Mondays and Thursdays for five weeks. It is not necessary to put it in the fridge as Primobolan does not deteriorate.

Remember post cycle therapy that can be used like Clomid or the well known Tamoxifen. Any of these medications should be taken at 20 milligrams a day. Some athletes neglect PCT in this course, but it is important to understand that all steroids affect the hormonal background, even the weakest ones; so if you want to recover quickly, remember post cycle therapy.

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